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Peter Hicks + Carole Garland @ The Dog - 15th Anniversary!
Saturday, November 26th, 2005 - 8pm

By Sandra Nixon
Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2005

15th Anniversary!

Peter Hicks & Geoff Francis were among the founders and are travelling from Tasmania to join Carole Garland, other Dog custodians and a cast of thousands to help celebrate 15 years of great music...

Peter Hicks

Peter Hicks in Coyote Serenade mode (2005 Cygnet festival director)

Peter Hicks is a folk singer and singer-songwriter very much in the tradition of the likes of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.

His songs have their roots in the everyday lives and experiences of everyday people, and in the issues of greatest concern to us all. He sings about the environment, about the need for world peace and the causes of war. He sings about the globalisation of capital, how it concentrates more and more wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands, and how to resist it.

he delivers a message of hope

And ultimately, he delivers a message of hope. His vision is of a world where people can live and work together in harmony and co-operation, not conflict. A world where the needs of the many take precedence over the greed of the few.

We invite you to share that vision.


Carole Garland Carole Garland

Carole's background is in the traditional songs and tunes of the Borders. She won many of the traditional song/ballad competitions with her fine voice and in-depth knowledge, until they made her the Judge!

CD review by Bob Bolton:

"Musical values of this collection are high, founded on Carole's well-known skill on the concertina, and lovingly supported by Roger on guitar, accordion, harmonica, piano, autoharp, & vocals... The other musicians are tastefully set throughout this. At the heart of everything is the magnificent voice of Carole - strong, clear & beautifully modulated. All up, the CD is good value, especially to all who have enjoyed Carole's singing at festivals, music hall nights, & the Loaded Dog."
1990 - Carole Garland & friends start a folk club, naming it The Loaded Dog after one of Henry Lawson's short stories.
The Loaded Dog Banner

2005 - The Loaded Dog celebrates 15 years of presenting the great artists in the best acoustic space in Sydney (Australia!).

Henry Lawson's - The Loaded Dog

In the first year the acts included The Fagans, Margaret Walters, Jackie Luke, John Dengate, Gill Rees, Chris Kempster, Len Neary, Acoustic Shock and Taliesin.

In the latest year the acts included Danny Spooner, Kate Delaney, Helen Rivero, The Shiny Bum Singers, Warren Fahey, Brian Peters, Jason & Chloe Roweth, Triantan, Nick Locke, Touchwood, Margaret Walters, and 22 artists in a one-day Mini Festival.

The Loaded Dog takes place in the upstairs hall of the Annandale Neighbourhood Centre in Johnston Street - the former Annandale Town Hall.

Doors open 7:40 - show starts promptly at 8:00 with floor acts.

Tickets: $14 ($12 concessions)

For more info contact Sandra Nixon (02) 9358 4886.

Coming up at the Dog . . .

  • Dec 10th (2nd Sat) - The Roaring Forties + The Wheeze Suck Band
  • Feb 25th 2006 - Martin Pearson & The Unfinished Spelling Errors of Bolkien - don't miss it - mark it in your calendar
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