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April 05 Radio Programs
A guide to April's Focus on Folk radio programs

By Paul Jackson
Posted Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Saturday 2nd April, 2005
Songs of Protest - prepared and presented by Paul Jackson. Songs that complain about the state of things.

Saturday 9th April, 2005
The Sway of USA - Old & new favourites with a transatlantic bent - prepared and presented by Carole Garland. We look as far back as The Carter Family and to newer fellas like Norman Blake, Eric Bibb and Chris Smither. We also look at the impact of American life on folk artists who spend time in residence there.

Saturday 16th April, 2005
Evergreens - prepared and presented by Patricia Early. A selection of some of the folk songs that will never die, and some of the folk singers that are no longer with us but whose songs still live in our memory.

St George's Emblem (link to web site)

Saturday 23rd April, 2005
St Georges Day - prepared and presented by John Milce. Featuring songs commemorating everything English, encompassing the Industrial Revolution, Rural life, historic battles and the English Sea Faring tradition.

Saturday 30th April, 2005
Canadian Folk Music - prepared and presented by Gerry Myerson. Some of the good music that has come out of Canada.