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Triantan + Paul Hemphill @ The Loaded Dog
8pm, Saturday 27th August 2011

By Sandra Nixon
Posted Thursday, May 12, 2011

Triantan is Gaelic for "Triangle".

Three fine and powerful singers - Judy Pinder, Miguel Heatwole & Anthony Woolcott sing Irish and Scottish songs that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. They have a broad range of traditional and modern material, in English as well as Gaelic, weaving harmonies in the melodic, unaccompanied style which has become their trademark.

Triantán grew out of the folk-singing sessions of Sydney and have been performing together since 1993. They sing for the pure joy of singing although they have been known to accept the odd bit of financial incentive!

supported by

Paul Hemphill

Multi-award winning songwriter Paul Hemphill shares with his audience, something old, something new, something that may take us down the foggy ruins of time- pushing poetic licence to its hazy limits. He has performed throughout Australasia and the UK, combining poetry and music, horror and humour. Vikings, Romans, Mongols and the Spanish Inquisition have all faced the music as he shares with us dubious anthems to power, pride and prejudice.



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