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Danny Spooner + Selalu @ The Loaded Dog
8pm, Saturday 27th November 2010

By Sandra Nixon
Posted Sunday, August 1, 2010

Danny Spooner

Danny loves to sing about working people. For 30 years he's sung at festivals, clubs and house concerts in Europe, England, Canada and the USA. There and in Australia audiences have enjoyed his concert brackets, workshops and one-man shows, his deep multi-disciplinary understanding of social history, his personal warmth, and his immense repertoire of songs covering the full range of human emotions, endeavours and experiences … He is a spellbinder who can make traditional music seem new and can make new songs seem old. Danny has recorded CDs ranging from sensitive love songs, to shanties, and traditional Australian songs of toil and reward.

Singer of traditional and contemporary folk songs of Britain and Australia - solo acoustic singer, guitar and concertina. Danny Spooner's passion is the expression of British and Australian culture through folk music.

Danny Spooner then took centre stage and with his booming voice and stage presence
had us all enchanted with his many tales of the sea and his own life experiences.
He always has lots of little historical tidbits to share with his audience.
Songs ran the gamut from haunting songs of the whaling industry,
to songs about racehorses and trade unions. He had us raising the roof.
(Dawn Davies, 2006)

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Selalu is a Sydney based dynamic group playing a diversity of original songs that take audiences on a journey that is thought provoking and moving. Drawing upon contemporary folk and country styles with guitars, mandolin, bass and 3-part harmonies Selalu’s poetic approach is unique and refreshing.

Trev Swadling has been writing songs, singing and playing guitar for many years and most of Selalu’s songs are his compositions. Trevor’s wife Kathleen was a folk singer and guitarist in her youth and now provides strong backing vocals, guitar and mandolin. Tully is a talented young musician and a singer/songwriter in his own right. Since joining up with Trev and Kathleen in Selalu he has brought a unique dynamic to the group that has helped to give it its current sound and feel. His strength lies not only in his clever guitar work but he also contributes to the musical arrangements and provides strong backing vocals. Matt has recently joined Selalu as the base player and is also a unique and versatile guitarist and singer in his own right.


Photos - Bob Bolton & Selalu
Drawing - Martin Pearson