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Warren Fahey at Sutherland Folk Club
Thurs 10th February, 2005

By Margaret Bradford
Posted Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tradies Trade Union Club
57 Manchester Road

For the first Folk club concert for 2005 Thursday 10th February, long time Sydney resident, Warren Fahey will entertain us with his phenomenal collection of Australiana in rhyme, music, jingles, parody. If there's anything you want to know about Australian folklore just ask Warren.

A folklore collector, author and performer, Warren was the founder of the pioneer folk group The Larrikins and also the Larrikin record label. Since 1999 he has returned to full-time folklore collecting and is currently working on a two-year survey of the Folklore of Sydney as a city - from colonial days to nowadays. In 2004 the ABC Music label released two of his CDs of early studio and live recordings and in 2005 ABC Books will publish his book on the Centenary of Banjo Paterson's Old Bush Songs and 'A Panorama of Bush Songs' and 'Larrikins, Louts & Layabouts'. A typical evening with Warren Fahey includes songs, poems, ditties and yarns from his vast swag of Australian folklore.

floor spots welcome!

Come along and enjoy a reasonably priced meal in the dining room at the club beforehand. We always leave time for floor spots as well. Contact: Linda 9527 1563 or Betty 9528 2193.

Remember all are welcome to come our session nights on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. We have been having a lot of fun on these friendly social evenings - play an instrument, recite a poem, tell a story, sing a song or join in on your instrument for a slow jam if you are just learning to play an instrument.