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Martin Pearson + Ecopella @ The Loaded Dog
Saturday 22nd August, 8pm
Tickets $20, $18 concession.

By Sandra Nixon
Posted Thursday, June 4, 2009

Martin Pearson The review of Martin's last appearance @ The Dog said it all -

Martin always has the ability to both mesmerise his audience with emotion and to throw them into paroxysms of helpless laughter.

But I thought I'd better add a bit more - Martin is a singer, songwriter, stand-up comedian, reciter, artist, all around good bloke ...

Martin Pearson at the Loaded Dog in 2008

Martin Pearson is a comedian with a keen eye for making everyday events so mundane that they are laughable. A parody writer of renown and a singer of some notes. Martin is also a folk singer, who longs for serious recognition in much the same way as a flatworm longs for reeboks. He can on occasion, and in the true folk tradition, sing songs so maudlin that audience members may attempt to end it all by throwing themselves into a pint of Guinness.

Ecopella - save-the-world music

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Ecopella is an environmental choir that sings about the beauty of our world and the struggle to protect it from exploitation and destruction. We serve the environment movement by providing activists and audiences with the opportunity of enjoying a high standard of a cappella singing. Our music's strong environmental message encourages positive change in people's thoughts and actions and offers encouragement to a wide variety of green organisations.

We originated in Sydney in 1998 and now have branches in the Blue Mountains, Illawarra, and Canberra as well. We've sung at a wide range of events, including benefit concerts, protests, campaign launches, community gatherings and folk festivals.