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Mal Webb in Sydney - new folk venue!
7.30pm, Saturday 30th May 2009

By Christina Mimmocchi
Posted Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mal Webb is coming to Sydney especially to be the opening act at a "new" venue in Manly. Do come!

Stella Maris School has opened up its beautiful Star of the Sea Theatre up to the wide world and together we've come up with a short concert series this year with the view to making it a regular concert night next year (if it works!)

The details are:

(plus the wonderful Kate Maclurcan)
Star of the Sea Theatre
Corner of Collingwood & Iluka Avenue, Manly

Mal Web is a unique vocal gymnast who makes the most amazing and entertaining sounds just with his voice and a loop pedal he calls “Derek”. At times he adds other instruments – slide trumpet, a guitar made out of a gourd and an mbira, to name a few.

Mal has travelled the world with his amazing array of songs and mouth music. He plays sometimes with The Cat Empire and did the music for the Lano and Woodley TV show and Wogs Out of Work. Mal played mbira and sang "Eagle Rock" with Ross Wilson on John Safran's Music Jamboree on SBS. His latest album is Dodgy.

Ani DiFranco said "You're a freak!" after Mal played support for her. Freak? You be the judge!

Other music dates this year
1 August – Tanya Sparke
22 August – Pete Seeger celebration
26 September – Mic Conway’s National Junk Band

Star of the Sea Theatre is part of Stella Maris school, near the Northern end of Manly Beach on the cnr of Collingwood and Iluka Avenue.

Parking is available at the northern end of the beach or in the surrounding streets.

$17.50/$12.50 includes one free drink
Tickets available half and hour before concert
Snacks available at interval

Contact Christina Mimmocchi (0410) 682 061