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John Howard Memorial Trophy Seditious Scribblers Award
8pm, Thursday, 3rd May 2007

By Jenny O'Reilly
Posted Sunday, April 1, 2007

Calling all songwriters, poets, and haters of our present federal government! Little johnnie has been around far too long, and we are getting twitchy. With a federal election coming up later this year, it's time we all made a concerted effort to get rid of this prime miniscule and his disgraceful government.

seditious, outrageous and scurrilous

To that end, Sydney singer and songwriter John Warner is offering the John Howard Memorial Trophy, to be awarded to the person or persons who can craft the most seditious, outrageous and scurrilous song or poem possible that will help bang the little roofing nail into the black stump. Why wait till he's gone? Lets have the memorial now!

lots of choruses

This will take the form of a session, with plenty of audience participation – therefore it is desirable – necessary even – that entries should have lots of choruses and repetition. There will be two separate categories - songs and poems. The winners will be decided by popular acclaim, so we need lots of audience and voters. Paper and ballot boxes will be provided.

Note: One entry per person.

a riotous night

Come along for a riotous night. The Cornucopia is in Little Johnnie's electorate, so who knows - if we sing loud enough, he might even hear us and take the hint!

North By Northwest Poetry and Folk Club meets in The Cornucopia Cafe, and is one of the best acoustic venues in Sydney. There will be refreshments for sale and BYO's are welcome.

Cornucopia Cafe
Old Gladesville Hospital
Corner Victoria Road and Punt Road, Gladesville

For directions see this article.

Enquiries: Jenny/John (02) 9559 3658 or (0414) 903 259, Tony 9858 7882 or (0409) 784 689.

See you there!